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Shoe Bags, Heating Pad & Hot Water Bottle Covers

Our personalized koozies and accessories will enhance your home. Wrap your beverage cans in our girly terry koozies, available in 17 fabric colors with 21 ribbon trims. Make your beverage a fashion statement with our monogrammed can wraps.

Wrap your heating pad or hot water bottle in our cotton terry velour covers for additional comfort and style. Don't let your hot water bottle or heating pad damage your skin; stay protected with our personalized terry hot water bottle covers and heating pad covers, offered with or without monograms in a variety of colors to complement your decor.

Add our monogrammed waste can to your home or office, a fashionable and personalized way to keep your space clean. We offer personalized shoe bags in suede or pique fabrics with single-letter monograms. Choose your color and keep your shoes protected during travel. Eliminate frustrating scratches and accumulating dust while your shoes are in storage. These plush bags are a simple, chic way to maintain your shoe collection.