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Terry Shower Towel Wraps

Create your 100% cotton custom Terry Bath and Shower Towel Wrap from 17 colors, 4 sizes/lengths, 20+ trims.

Comfortable and stylish, our Sanders Classics (don't settle for a lesser quality) terry velour shower towel wraps (over 1,500 style/size/color/trim combinations), made from 100% cotton, are a luxury you will cherish for years to come. Whether a gift to yourself or for that special someone, they are indulgent. Say "I love you" with a gift that can be personalized to fit every personality.

Sanders Classics terry shower towel wraps are cut and sewn in the USA from 100% cotton fabric and have a generous Velcro strip and elastic in the soft-rolled top. Our terry velour is a 12 oz/square yard (400 grams/square meter) Turkish material made with the best quality cotton. The inside of the terry shower towel wraps features loop terry for maximum absorbency, while the outside is sheared for softness and luxurious appearance. This plush fabric will wick away moisture while giving a feeling of luxury as you step from the bath or shower. Great for after a workout, or just to lounge around your house or dorm, our terry shower towel wraps come with a generous fullness provided with elastic and adjustable Velcro closure.

From a classic solid terry shower towel wrap (choose from 17 colors) to a fun wrap with polka dot trim (over 20 trims), you are sure to find the perfect combination for yourself and loved ones. Made by quality seamstresses, we can customize your wrap for the perfect fit.

Women's terry shower towel wraps are available in two lengths--25" and 30". Most high school and college girls prefer the 25" length, unless they are taller than 5'6", then the 30" length may be preferable.

Our terry velour bath towel wraps are designed for the following sizes (please scroll down to select your style and size):
  • Women's Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 25" length, Small/Medium/Large--28" to 38" bust sizes
  • Women's Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 25" length, XL/1X/2X--38" to 48" bust sizes
  • Women's Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 30" length, Small/Medium/Large--32" to 40" bust sizes
  • Women's Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 30" length, XL/1X/2X--40" to 48" bust sizes
  • "Tween" Girls Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 21" length--26" to 32" underneath arm sizes (and less than 4'8" tall)
  • Men's Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 20" length, Small/Medium/Large--32" to 40" waist sizes
  • Men's Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 21" length, XL/1X/2X--40" to 48" waist sizes
  • "Tween" Boys Bath and Shower Towel Wraps, 16" length--25" to 31" waist sizes
Always wash and dry with velcro closed.

Optional personalization is available, with name or initials.